He explains how the idea came to him…

When my teenage daughter started to take driving lessons, she struggled with the confidence on the roads, feeling intimidated by other drivers around her who seemed oblivious that she was a learner driver. We realised the standard stick-on L-Plate were not clearly visible through tinted or angled windows. Also visibility was obscured when external plates were fitted too low.

Feeling concerned for her safety and thinking of all those vulnerable hours she would have to spend

whilst on the roads as an L-Plate driver prompted me to invent the BSEEN L-Plates. I saw it as a necessary precaution, not only for her safety but that of all L-Plate drivers and as an enhancement to their gaining more confidence whilst learning. The BSEEN L-Plates have a more effective way of alerting other drivers to the presence of L-Plate drivers on the road.

With the presence of new learner
drivers on our roads in Australia
each year, you can imagine the
peace of mind these BSEEN
L-Plates will bring to all concerned
L-Plate drivers, parents, instructors
and loved ones.

“BSEEN L-Plates” were introduced to the market in 2010 with the key element of the design being awarded a patent. They have been enthusiastically welcomed by learner drivers, their parents and driving instructors