night reflect l plate


L-plate also available with fluorescent background making it even more visible
for both day and night driving.



Wipe roof of car free from dirt, water & dust.
Open fully before applying to centre of roof of car.
As we have no control over the condition of your vehicle surfaces or the application and usage conditions of signage, we cannot offer any guarantee, and none is expressed, that use of magnetic signs will be appropriate for your vehicle.

This is designed for easy removal and not as
a permanent fixture.


The BSEEN L-Plate is an ingenious tent-shaped plate that attaches to the steel roof of a vehicle with a magnetic base. It is highly visible and can be clearly seen from front and rear.

  • Increases the visibility of the L-Plated vehicle to other road users
  • Improves road safety and learner driver confidence
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Completely stable, non-slip and road tested successfully on vehicles travelling up to 110kph
  • Meets all relevant Australian road safety standards
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia